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Stop Joseph Kony


Sun is setting in Uganda
Terrified children walk for miles
Carting straw mats on their backs
Seeking refuge in the nearest town

Huddled together en masse
Hungry, cold, hearts pounding, minds racing
Clinging to each other in fear
No sweet dreams – holding back tears

A hidden holocaust seeps into the night
Rebel scavengers waiting to pounce
Ripping children from mother’s arms
All in the name of The Lord

Joseph Kony, the devil himself
Killing, raping, mutilating the innocents
Building his army with the blood of babies
Evil feasting on human lives

The Invisible Children
Walk, sleep and pray
Day after day after day after day
Trying to survive one more night
Avoiding the genocide – their arduous plight

FEAR is an UNDERSTATEMENT in their world
But their world is our world too
We can’t ignore their desperate cries
Invisible children – Invisible no more

Invisible children
Invisible no more
We must stop Joseph Kony
We must stop Joseph Kony

Stop Joseph Kony

©Shelli Carlisle 2012

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