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The Day by the Bay

Spent the day

by the bay,

seduced by a madman.

Saw Heaven and Hell

Purgatory as well,

Salvador and two women.

They sat and stared,

as souls were bared,

his genius beyond all.

His stories told,

outrageous, bold,

splattered on the wall.

As time went on,

they had to run,

no works could they afford.

The Englishman

who had a plan

turned to them and roared.

Your money now,

I’ll show you how

to take the paintings home.

The friends replied,

“We cannot buy,

please leave us alone.”

The Englishman

raised his hand,

disgusted as could be.

Bid them good-by,

and then did sigh,

“No reward for me.”

The women laughed,

and thought how daft,

this Englishman could be.

They’d only come,

just for fun,

to spend time with Dali.

©Shelli Carlisle

 *I wrote this silly poem for my friend Dawn in honor of the lovely day we spent in San Francisco.