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Lost Dreams

The dreams she kept safely

tucked under her pillow

slipped away and fell

on the old battered floor

the insensible breeze

snuck in through her window

swept them under her bed

with no thought or regard 

Her dreams lay there silent

for they couldn’t cry out

they just lay there and waited

with hopes of being saved

they knew that her life

would be nothing without them

they knew she’d come looking

and cherish them again

When she awoke

and found they were missing

she forgot where she left them

or even what they were

so she decided  to live

 her life without them

realizing it’s easier

to give up than to try

Once in a while

she remembers the dreams

now covered in cobwebs

still under her bed

and she desperately tries

to reach out and save them

but the dreams are too far

from her insecure reach

At night when she sleeps

she sometimes can feel

the hope she once had

and excitement she once felt

but she knows it’s too late

for the life she once dreamed of

and her tears stain her pillow

where her dreams lay no more



©Shelli Carlisle 2010


Photo credit: “Bed of Dreams” by Michael Kent @http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_big_jiggety/2471124209/