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One, Two, Three



Throw away child
Far from grace
Crooked thoughts
Empty face
Battered heart
Lost and shunned
Desperate cries
Heard by none

Dirty hands
Dirty face
Dirty clothes
The world’s disgrace
Turn your back
Don’t dare to look
At the child
Beneath the filth


I’m sure someone will be by soon
To wrap him in a safe cocoon
And love him til his heart’s filled up
And raise him good
And send him off
To live a happy fulfilled life
some kids perhaps
A lovely wife
A picket fence
A dog and cat
Can you just imagine that?

I regret I’m not the one
To bring this child to my home
I’m far too busy with my own
Yes far too busy with my own

But someone else will help him soon
And save him from his doom and gloom
I know someone will be there soon
Someone should be there very soon


Little lost soul
Where can you go?
No one to hug
No hand to hold
No song to soothe
Your fears at night
No love
No safe
No heart held tight

©Shelli Carlisle 2012