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Outta work

Outta luck

Outta gas

Outta truck

Outta food

Outta lights

Outta heat

Freezing nights

Outta peace

Outta hope

Outta patience

Outta cope

Outta worry

Outta sad

Outta sorry

Too damn mad


I’m just one

Of millions more

Whose faith’s run out

Whose soul is sore

I’m tired

I’m worn

Nowhere to go

I must drop out

And quit this show

Now I lay me down to sleep

Huddled near a busy street

Hopefully I’ll slip away

Can’t stand to face another day

Cause I am just a broken man

No one to lend a helping hand

Discarded, deserted, despised, disgraced,

Erased, erased, erased, erased…

©Shelli Carlisle 2012