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The Joneses

Have you heard of the Joneses?
they live down the street
their house is quite lovely
their garden quite neat.
But just step inside
and you’ll quickly see
the chaos that lives there —
it won’t let them be.
The children are hungry
their mom’s full of stress
their father’s indifferent
their lives are a mess.
Dad’s jobless a year now
he looks everyday
for some kind of labor
to give him some pay.
And if you look close
at the note on their door
they have to get out
by a quarter to four.
The banks are all business
they have no concern
for a family whose stumbling
at life’s every turn.
With no help in sight
they pack all they can
and slip into the night
with no hope or a plan.
And next time you see them
don’t be surprised
as they stand on the corner
defeat in their eyes.
They’re now the forgotten
who plead on the street,
“Homeless, please help
we need something to eat.”