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september mourning


as he lay in his bed
gasping for air
i ran to the door
to call for some help
but the pain in his chest
ripped the sound from my throat
so i could not cry out
my silence was his doom

my thoughts were so scrambled
like the eggs mom was cooking
for breakfast that morning
for my sisters and me
and i went to his room
to tell him to come
we squeezed him fresh orange juice
and picked out the seeds

but he could not come
cause he lay in bed dying
so i got him some water
and helped him to drink
but it spilled out his mouth
and ran down his pillow
and i knew at the moment
i would see him no more

so i kissed him goodbye
and told him i loved him
and he looked in my eyes
as mine were like his
filled with fear of the future
and betrayal from God
cause my dad was too young
to leave three little girls

my dad left us Labor Day
in a van with no sirens
and was buried soon after
but I didn't go
my life changed forever
that september morning
and the hole in my heart
will never close...

This piece is dedicated to my sisters, Cassie and Lisa, I love you.