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El Amante de Danza (The Lover’s Dance)

Isolated from the rest of the world,

lovers surrender to the phosphorescent sea.

Slipping into the delights of their solitude,

their virginal countenances freely diminish.

Whispered caresses, gentle kisses,

searching for truth in the other’s eyes.

Reflections of unnerving forbiddance,

unspoken permissions intensified hungers.

An insuperable force consumes their bodies,

unleashing the fury of violent need.

Tearing into each other’s flesh,

devouring sweetness that seeps from their pores.

Their moral torture passionately erupts,

spilling into the desperate sea.

Labored breaths devour the ominous silence.

Divine assumptions alter forbidden reality.

Their stolen encounter locked deep within

the pits of the olives that hang from the trees.

An offer of wine, a last bid good night.

An ode to tortured genius is born.



©Shelli Carlisle 2010