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A little seed
A lot of greed
The beginning of the end
History proves
Greedy moves
Reek havoc for all men

Toxic chiefs
Toxic meets
Toxic games in play
Toxic reigns
Toxic gains
Freedom slips away

Toxic need
Toxic greed
Turn our warm hearts cold
Toxic fair
Toxic care
Invest in guns and gold

Toxic spills
Toxic kills
It’s just a bump in time
Toxic dead
Ocean’s red
Cover up the crime

Lets build some more
Toxic whores
Bigger, better, needs
Toxic words
Toxic heards
Toxic wars to be

Toxic them
Toxic us
Toxic all aglow
Toxic sane
Toxic blame
The whole world’s gonna blow

Twinkle twinkle where’s the stars
We used to see them near and far
Hiding neath a toxic cloud
Hear the bombs blast loud, loUD, LOUD

The End (literally)