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I have to let go of the sunshine
And try to embrace the cold
Good byes are never easy
Some harder than others

Change is disheartening when (sad) good byes are involved
Some change is good, I guess
But this change is not
I really, really hate this change

Not only for me
There are children involved
If we don’t get it
How can we expect them to?
Can’t justify the pain

Apparently the kids are not the priority
And there’s certainly no question about us
It’s simply a matter of not enough (or so we’ve been told)
(What? Not enough money? Not enough time? Not enough compassion?)

So I have to get over it,
We all have to get over it

It doesn’t make things any easier
Knowing nothing can be done
(I always hold onto hope, hiding crossed fingers behind my back)
Maddening betrayal resonates a midst the feeling of loss
Frustration abounds,
It’s written on our faces (everyone sees it)

I know it’s time to let go and move on
It’s time to let it go
(I pray and wish and hope I can do it, but I don’t think I can)
Yes, it is time
Move into the cold
Hold no grudges
And never look back for the sun

Shelli Carlisle © 2012