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"I might be great tomorrow, but hopeless yesterday." This quote from The Pretenders, pretty much sums it up. I write a lot about depression and abuse. It has been very healing for me. I am a huge advocate for children to receive a great education, have loving parents and be heard. There is no excuse for neglect and abuse. We can all make a difference in children's lives.

Oh No, A Hole

Oh my word

What do I do?

I found a hole

In my left shoe

My shoe right here

It has a hole

Now you can see

My pinky toe

It’s sticking out

Right through that hole

And now my pinky 

toe Is cold

And if I freeze

It might fall off

So I will wrap it

In a cloth

Then wrap the cloth

Around my shoe

Then round my waist

And my head too

Why would I go

To so much fuss?

Because I love

My shoe so much

Shelli Carlisle 2016