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"I might be great tomorrow, but hopeless yesterday." This quote from The Pretenders, pretty much sums it up. I write a lot about depression and abuse. It has been very healing for me. I am a huge advocate for children to receive a great education, have loving parents and be heard. There is no excuse for neglect and abuse. We can all make a difference in children's lives.


A broken child becomes a broken adult, paralyzed by fear. ~ sc
Fear to be noticed, to be rejected, laughed at, talked about, judged

Fear to shake someone’s hand, 

stand up straight, be confident 

Fear to decide

Fear not to decide 

Fear to speak up or speak out 

Fear to trust, let go, be challenged 

Fear to fail, disappoint, 

cause regret/feel regret

Fear to be left behind, to be alone

Fear of disappearing 

Fear of growing old, 

being sick, 

of dying

Fear to feel, anger, love, loss

Fear to need

Fear to hope

Fear to feel hopeless 

Hopelessness is death 

I fear death