When you grow up

What will you be

The world’s so full

of possibilities


A teacher, a lawyer, a sailor at sea

A carpenter, actor, a maker of keys

A butcher, a typist, a nurse, an inventor

A doorman, a builder, a broken heart mender


Zoo keeper, painter, cobbler, clown

Store clerk, farmer, mayor of a town

A doctor, a pilot, a gardener, a cook,

A mailman, seamstress, a writer of books


Astronaut, nanny, skydiver, miner

Scientist, ventriloquist, dentist, designer

Engineer, athlete, veterinarian, trainer

Biologist, architect, firefighter, ranger


A dancer, a singer, a preacher, a vet

Hair stylist, fundraiser, trainer of pets

A speaker, a toymaker, a poet, a gamer

A chemist, a banker, a basketball player


Your choices are endless

The limit’s the sky

Pick something out

And give it a try


And if you don’t like it,

Try something else

You have your whole lifetime

To create yourself






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