Inside Up

Inside Up is the place to be

If you like hanging out in trees

You never know what you might find

Mingling with the up-tree kind

Koalas munch on green bamboo

Flower dusted kinkajous

Gliders, tarsiers, anteaters, sloths

Monkeys, tree frogs, geckos, moths

So many things that you will see

Inside Up, up in the trees

But if you are not into heights

I know another place you’ll like

There is a perfect spot I found

A swimming hole just outside Down

Don’t be afraid just dive right in

Join the crowd and swim swim swim

Back and forth and upside down

Or swim in circles, round and round

Swim all day and all night too

Then rest a bit and start anew

There are adventures to be found

Inside Up and outside Down


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