Old Alice Bean

Old Alice Bean
Lives in my dreams
Appearing most nights at two
Sometimes she dances
Sometimes she sings
And sometimes she plays her kazoo

She always wears dresses
With blue polka dots
Shoes with big buckles that shine
Barrettes in her hair
She likes to wear
26 all at one time

She watches the world
Through old, tired eyes
Once every while
She breaks down and cries
She lost her rose glasses
Decades ago
The world is a place
She does not want to go

So she hides in my dreams
And I keep her quite safe
I swallow her fear
Wipe the tears from her face
In return she writes poems
Bout rainbows and flowers
And she’ll share them with me
For hours and hours

And that’s why I love
Old Alice bean
My melancholy friend
Who lives in my dreams


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