The Bents


in a land nearby
not so long ago
lived the people called Bent
so the story goes

their necks and their thumbs
were crooked like c’s
tablets and cell phones
caused their disease

the Bents spent their days
not looking around
they wouldn’t look up
they only looked down

one day something happened
something strange, something weird
every Bent in the land
all at once disappeared

a spaceship came down
and snatched them away
cause no one looked up
to see strangers that day

they were too busy texting
and playing their games
to be bothered by creatures
in weird strange space planes

the aliens wanted
their phones and their tablets
they’d watch them in wonder
the Bents and their habits

when all the electronics
were taken away
the Bents were dropped off
in their land the next day

craning their necks
to the sky they all wondered
what happened to us?
why were we plundered?

the Bents stood for days
staring up at the sky
looking for answers
why us? they all cried

then something incredibly
remarkable occurred
they saw a big cloud
a bee and a bird

a rainbow a sunset
the moon and some stars
Jupiter, Saturn,
Neptune and Mars

they stood there for weeks
looking up, never down
their minds reinvented
by treasures they found

they forgot all about
their tablets and phones
they lay on their backs
they reshaped their bones

a bold evolution
that day had begun
the Bents straightened out
every last one

they hung a new sign
over their town hall
everyone welcome
to the land of the “Talls”

please join us for stargazing
bird watching, more
there’s gazillions of things
we still want to explore

the Bents disappeared
never seen again
they’d all come unbent
hence their new name

the moral my friends
is beware of too much
there’s more to enjoy
than gaming and such

©Shelli Carlisle 2014

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