Mojave Joy Ride

mojave joy ride

cruising through the desert

in the middle of the night

joshuas pose like frozen angels

new moon barely sheds a light

we roll down the windows

warm breeze blows our hair

vampire weekend blasts from the stereo

“shivering in little undershirts but don’t seem to care”

and we’re singing along

but we don’t know the words

so we makeup our own

and we sound so absurd

we’re laughing hysterically

and i gotta pee

we pull off in the sand

and i find a big tree

beside it  rock

sits a book filled with poems

from a sliver of light

shines a tiny gold crown

that belongs to a lizard

who seems out of place

his claws marred with ink

but familiar his face

and he wrote down some words

to a song about a highway

then he started to sing

and the ghosts danced wildly

the joshuas regaled

waved their arms in the air

and the desert awoke

and we all said a prayer

and the sky turned purple

then orange and then yellow

and a new day began

so peaceful and mellow

and nobody knows us

and nobody cares

as we dance in the desert

warm wind in our hair


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