Swan Song


I cannot write of tender words

Or love songs whispered sweet

I know not of impassioned love

Or yearning burning heat

But I can write of stinky feet

And breath that smells real bad

The sound of food loudly chewed

Tears and years of mad

Dirty clothes left on the floor

A ring around the bath

The lawn not mowed cause “it’s too cold”

Piles of pent up wrath

Hills of bills that can’t be paid

Vacations put on hold

Cost of living up, up, up

Gas worth more than gold

Plans and dreams forgotten

Years just slip away

Complacency takes over


after day

after day

Anniversaries go unnoticed

Valentine’s Day too

Boredom fills the days and night

What’s a girl to do?

I guess I’ll keep on searching

For the love I crave

Someone who is romantic

Witty, smart and brave

And when I spy that perfect guy

You bet that I’ll be gone

I’ll give up everything I have

To live as Bella Swan


©Shelli Carlisle 2013

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