Seven Plus One More


Delicate flowers crafted from reeds
One dollar, one hope, one wish
Buy one, take one, steal if you must
With you I share this gift



Hello my friend
How do you do?
I missed you all last week
I was lost and couldn’t find
My way back to this street
But now I’m here to say hello
And wish you well this day
I’ll stay and have a drink or two
Then I’ll be on my way



I found a bench to rest upon
And proceeded to sit down
A policeman quickly came along
And told me to leave town
I didn’t even have a chance
To rest my sore feet
Forget the fact it’s been three days
Since I’ve something to eat



Thanksgiving always used to be
My favorite time of year
A feast with all my family
(My friends) that I hold dear
The kitchen closed from lack of funds
About four years ago
No more turkey dinners
No pumpkin pie to go



I love my bike
My bike’s my home
It’s everything I need
A blanket when it gets too cold
A radio for company



There’s a lump
On the sidewalk
There’s a lump



Don’t pretend that you don’t see me
I am here, I AM HERE
I see you
And I see you
And I see you too


one more

Black Friday is the Day
I love to get away
And shop until I can’t no more
At my favorite Jewelry store
Cause it’s all about me!

Shelli Carlisle ©2012

Photographs by Shelli Carlisle ©2012

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