Papered Walls

Rule 1. Always cover up the feelings
Rule 2. Use tons and tons of glue

Stripping paper off the wall
Exposing silent witness to the past
Each layer unique in its strength, texture, color
Mirror dates, times, relationships, feelings

Colors of grandeur
Bold, flamboyant
Disguising judgement
In scarlet stripes
Neon orbs
Hung crooked, like teeth
Delusional happiness
Hiding years of abuse

Insidious reminders ‘Love is all you need’

Chipping away at the stubborn glue
(I always, always follow the rules)
Pulling, scraping,
Blistered hands
(I wish I would have worn gloves)

Mockingbird lullabies
Erratically sung
Make believe unicorns
Magic shoes
Click, click, click
Going, going, gone

(Hush little baby please go to sleep,
your papa needs another stiff drink)

A worn bare wall
Innocence reclaimed
No expectations,
No demands,
No regrets, No lies,
No shame, no shame
A clean blank palate
(Don’t look too close)
Not perfect but proper
Old but new
Old but new
Old but new

(Arcade Fire drifts in from the other room)
I mindlessly sing along,
…”Your father was a pervert
Face down in the earth,
Taught you how to hurt”…

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