The Train to Mars


Tucked away In a familiar place
There is a ruby key
And if you know which words to say
You’ll hear the symphony
A time for love or time for hate
Injected from above
And if the hate has gone too far
Then it’s too late for love
Floating clouds of blue and orange
Swirling round your head
Stirring memories from the past
Of drifters in your bed
Don’t wake the jaded monkey
In the corner of your womb
He’s only your reality
Wrapped in a red cocoon
Nonsense makes perfect sense
As it did when you were young
Youth and beauty on the fence
The church bells all have rung
The train has come to take you home
But which one will you take
Find the one that goes to Mars
the other is a fake
And if you can’t find either one
You’ll have no company
And if you don’t find either one
You’ll have my sympathy

©Shelli Carlisle 2012

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