Jane’s Addictions


Jane’s addicted to drama
Jane’s addicted to pain
Jane’s addicted to losing her kids
Over and over again

Jane’s addicted to suffering
Jane’s addicted to abuse
Jane’s addicted to mean, cruel men
Love is her excuse

Jane’s addicted to pills
The ones the doc prescribes
Jane’s addicted to “woe is me”
And attempting suicide

Jane’s addiction to illness
Jane’s addicted to need
Jane’s addicted to depression
And drowning in her disease

Jane’s addicted to addiction
She lives it everyday
Jane’s addictions have driven
Everyone away

So I ran away fast as I could
And my sister, she ran too
But my little brother hung around
Hoping for anew

But he couldn’t deal with the pain
Of Jane’s insanity
And one day we found my brother Ron
Hanging in a tree

Jane blamed us for the tragedy
She didn’t understand
That her addictions did him in
And her too — in the end.

©Shelli Carlisle 2011

In memory of Ron

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