The Healing Place

They shed their disease

as they enter the room

they fall to their knees

leave their blood on the floor

they taste of His flesh

as He offers forgiveness

tears from the masses

cleanse their wounds and their sores.

Miracles abundant cannot be refuted

crutches unused left next to the door

the spirit of healing permeates the zephyr

thousands of testimonies whisper from the walls.

The dirt many say

is the harbor of miracles

for the pilgrims of faith

who journey each year

the Santuario de Chimayo

hears the cry of the people

offers hope, rest and healing

to all who come near.

©Shelli Carlisle 2011

4 thoughts on “The Healing Place”

  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog and I hope you did not mind my using your photograph. My own photos did not capture the feelings of being there as yours did. I thought it would be okay as long as gave credit to you. I really liked the poem above. I get it 🙂 All the best. Julie

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