The Golden Tree

“…and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”  The Beatles

I traveled to a far off land

across a cotton sea

it was there I saw a lonely man

living in a tree

His wishes hung on every leaf

they shimmered in the sun

their beauty incomparable

unique was everyone

He marveled at his glorious tree

and coveted each wish

he knew someday they’d all come true

because he was “so blessed”

Friends would come in need of hope

for one wish from his tree

he wouldn’t share a single one

“They’re only here for me.”

One day a tempest barreled in

and shook his golden tree

the man held on for his dear life

frightened as could be

The storm blew all the leaves away

his future gravely grim

his tree of wishes was destroyed

as he hung on from a limb

The limb broke off

the man then fell and he began to cry

”How could you let this happen?”

he yelled up at the sky

My wishes have been carried off

the storm blew them away

my life is damned” he screamed aloud

“I curse this blasted day”

Don’t you know who I am

I am loved world-wide

I’m special, I’m rich, I’m wonderful

A talent bon-a-fide”

Someone come fix this mess

and do it right away

I have no time to fool around

I need this done today”

But no one came cause no one cared

he’d alienated all

he never even realized

he’d no one he could call

His arrogant behavior

had lost him all his friends

now he had nothing left

too late to make amends

This is a lesson you must learn”

A voice boomed from above

“You lost it all my dear boy

cause you refused  to love”

©sc 2011

17 thoughts on “The Golden Tree”

  1. I like this morality story that you have put in the form of a poem. I think a lot of people take their family and friends for granted, being selfish and not loving back. When something bad happens, they find themselves alone, and then perhaps they realize what they had.

  2. This would not be out of place in a collection of poems for young children, although many adults could certainly learn a thing or two from it as well. Image-ful, which I love. Well done! :o)

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