We’re Already Dead

dead souls     dead brains    dead bodies     dead dreams
      dead hopes
dead fears    dead lives      dead tears
dead love
dead care     dead help       dead prayer
 dead earth
dead air      dead trust           dead fair
          dead you
dead me      dead all         dead we
the sun will rise
             as if we’re alive
we’ll go to work
            get home at five
sit down to eat
                              share our day
watch TV
                                         pretend to pray

kiss our children goodnight
                          get into our beds
pull the covers
            over our heads
feeling secure
                                 in the life we lead
not knowing, in fact
                          we’ve all been deceived
and evil is rejoices
                    cause we don’t realize
that we’re already dead
                      we’re not “one of the guys”
the nukes have been launched
                                               they’re heading our way
no stopping them now
                               this is our last day
they’ve accomplished their goal
                                  to get rid of us all
the powerful will feast
                            and mankind will fall
the wicked will triumph
                   it was all in their plan
dead nation
dead world    dead man

Shelli Carlisle ©2011

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