Sophie on the Corner

I don't know her name
but she looks like a Sophie
for years I have seen her
as she walks around town
alone and disheveled
with a pram full of treasures
talking to herself
or an unseen old friend

I watched her today
as she stood on the corner
in a stained, pink dress
and a worn woolen scarf
dabbing her  brow
with the back of her hand
she patiently waited
for the light to turn green

I contemplate her age
cause she looks so haggard
living on the streets
is a harsh way to live
I wonder if she's happy
or lonely or missed
has her heart  been broken
does anyone care

did she once have a child
a husband, a  friend
who was taken too soon
and she just slipped away
cause sometimes the pain
is too much to bear
the bruises can't heal
there's no hope to be found

and what is the shame
in fragile and splintered
when your life has crumbled
and you're no longer strong
If only to cope
one more day, one more night
one more step, one more street,
one more meal, one more shelter

so I gave her my wishes
my very best ones
for safety and warmth
and someone to care
Sophie on the corner
lives in my town
she  walks all alone
she cries all alone     


5 thoughts on “Sophie on the Corner”

  1. how are you?
    invite you to join poetry potluck today,

    share old poems if you did not write new ones…


    bless your Monday.
    Enjoyed your talent a great deal.

    thanks for the support.

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