A New Beat


 my heart was hidden

neath a veil of silence

a billion beats were never heard

until one day a perfect light

pierced a tiny hole in its core

and tear by tear 

by tear by tear

the silence slowly dripped away

exposing a void that needed filling

with something joyous,



now music fills my reborn heart

spilling forth an impassioned calypso

inspiring my dormant spirit to dance

my slumbered soul to sing

and my heart to keep a new beat


6 thoughts on “A New Beat”

  1. Wow, what a truly heartening poem filled with such vibrancy and life in it’s hope for the new. Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing, and a very Happy Spring to you. 🙂

  2. A very moving poem. The space in my heart has been filled with words, poems and prose often inspired by music.

    Great writing, thank you 🙂

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