Cliffs rise above a diamond filled river

Keeping watch o’er the land and all who there dwell

The wind sometimes whispers

At other times shouts

Makes it way through the canyon

Awakening the juniper

Crimson grasses dance in the sunlight

While golden eyelashes play in the snow

A lone hawk takes wing

Against a sapphire backdrop

Cries out to the earth

“All is right, all is well”

And night returns silently

Revealing its treasures

That brandish the sky

Like rubies and gold

And I am reminded by all of this splendor

How infinitesimal we really are

Dedicated to Sandi 
©sc2011 PRR

4 thoughts on “Irony”

  1. very well penned, brilliant poetry.



    Thanks for the lovely contribution to potluck on week 25,

    week 26 is open NOW, we treasury your poetry

    and welcome you in in your personal convenience…old poems are welcome!


    share early, get better feedback, cheers.

  2. Hi Shelli, I floated the Pecos with a group of friend this past spring and am now putting our photos in a book. I googled “Pecos River Poem” and found your poem Irony to be extremely fitting. May I use your poem for the intro to our book? This book will not be sold, only distributed to the friends who floated and perhaps friends of these friends. I’d be more than happy to send you a copy when it is finished. Thanks for your wonderful talent!

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