little girl lost

little girl lost

in a world filled with pain,

wandering aimlessly,

searching for something



don’t know where to look,

don’t know who to trust

no direction, no hope, no peace,

just lost…

-in her heart filled with fear

 is there anyone there

to show her the way

a friend,

a stranger,

a lover–perhaps

where are you,

she needs you

she’s lost…

-in the reality called  life

depressed and alone

there’s nobody there

to love her,

to cherish her,

to say it’s ok

it’s dark,

it’s cold

she’s so lost…

-in a bottle of pills

 red ones and yellow,

orange, purple, blue

a kaleidoscope of colors,

like a dance in the wind

she’s climbs on the rainbow

and drifts away,

to a place that is safe..

-in her dreams filled with joy

dancing and laughing

the bell of the ball,

she’s loved and cherished

her spirit is quenched

free to be free,

free to be loved

alone in her fantasy

no longer lost…

                                –just gone

© Shelli Carlisle 2010 

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